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Your monthly sponsorship donation will give a child access to life-changing benefits such as a place to live, sustainable diet, clothing, and medical care. The children receive an education, life skills, Christian mentorship, and Christian leadership. They know that someone loves them and wants them to succeed. 100% of your donation is used at Little Eden for things like food, clothing, education, and staffing. Your sponsorship donations are not used to cover the administrative costs to run Mike Eden Ministries.

You can either send it via Automatic Bank Transfer, check, or the button at the top of the page.

Mike Eden Ministries
36215 FM 1488 Rd
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Our children enjoy receiving letters from those who love and pray for them. You can send letters with our mission teams. We typically send teams twice a year. Please have your letters to us by either May 31st or October 31st, so we can ensure your child gets it.

Yes, small age-appropriate gifts. An example of an appropriate gift could be, colored pencils and a drawing book. Things like action figures or things that deal with our popular culture are not suitable because the children will not understand them.

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