Summer 2017 Update

So much was accomplished this summer during the Mike Eden Ministries 2017 Summer Mission Trip to Little Eden Children’s Home. We were blessed with 14 visitors from Texas, Alabama and Ohio, who all bonded and worked well together.

After using their first day to unpack, get organized and rest to defeat jet lag, the team members hit the ground running. Painting the Boys Dorm dining hall and kitchen and the Girls Dorm new computer room, helping with the children’s homework, assisting with staff duties, organizing the contents of the Riverside House, teaching VBS, facilitating a health and first aid program with the staff and then the ladies of the team presenting the Women’s Bible Conference, were just a few of the many duties that consumed the various team members' valuable time.

It was a real treat going into the kitchen shamba (garden) and harvesting our own produce for meals. Kale, spinach, potatoes, carrots, peas, cucumbers and squash were just some of the bounty that we enjoyed! Our children are getting a variety of vegetables to grow them into healthy boys and girls. Sylvia was blessed with many volunteer cooks to help her during the visit.

The highlight of the trip was when we discovered the children were out for midterm while we were there. This was a rare treat, as they are usually in school during June and July and we miss the opportunity to spend quality time with them. It always takes the boys and girls a little time to warm up to new faces, but with soccer, flying kites, working together on projects; it didn’t take long for them to bond with the guests. The attention they receive, builds their confidence and personalities!

The teams loved joining the boys and girls at their respective dorms on Saturday night, for devotionals. The children conduct their own services, without any adult supervision or interaction, which astounded and warmed the hearts of the mission team. Their Biblical knowledge always amazes our many guests. Interacting with our boys and girls are the priority for guests visiting the home. 

Gifts of new sturdy backpacks, caps, clothing and shoes were presented by the Alabama guests and members of Willow Brook Baptist Church in Huntsville AL. New crochet hats were sent from a member of Pine Island Baptist Church in Texas to keep the children warm during these winter months.

New computers, donated by Forrest Henson of Houston, were installed at the Girls Dorm by Eric and Josh Kulbeck of TX, to the delight of our girls. The Boys Dorm received this very generous gift last year from Mr. Henson and the Kulbecks also installed them, after the 2016 MEM team completed their new computer room. We are so grateful for all these wonderful gift’s and technology! 

We have recently transferred our Primary School students to a new school, where they will have the opportunity for a better education. The ratio of student to teacher in the old Cheese school was 70 to 1 with 4 students to 1 book! Our children were just not getting a quality education at all. Mike, Paul Peveto and Vann Whitley (MEM Board member’s) met with the headmaster’s of both schools during their separate visit in Dec. and March, to evaluate both facilities. After observing the opportunities available to our children at the new school, the decision was made to transfer them in May. The ratio is now 20 to 1 and 2 children to 1 book. We have since been blessed with a monetary gift to buy enough books for each child! God is so good! The school is comprised of clean metal buildings, large recreation area, with educated teachers and a hearty meal served at lunch. We have already seen an improvement in their grades! The only down side is that, at this time, there is no electricity, which was also an issue at the old school. This creates a problem on rainy days.

Future projects consist of completing the Zero Grazing Dairy unit with an adjoining herdsman home and purchasing a backup water tank. The dairy unit/home is about ¾ ‘s complete. Our electrical control panel was recently struck by lightning and there was no electricity or water for 4 days. Matron Anne suggested this purchase as a precautionary necessity. Anne, in all her wisdom and research for additional income projects, has shared that milk is the big money maker in the region. “Everyone always buy milk!” So enlarging our dairy herd would be a good investment project. She is also weeding out non profitable projects. She never ceases to amaze us with her vision for Little Eden.

We will have two children in university this year: one continuing her study of Procurement and the other starting his first year of Electrical Engineering. We also have three girls starting a trade college, studying Hotel Management and Hospitality. They are all so excited for this opportunity. Please continue to pray for the education of our boys and girls. This is the only chance for our children to rise above the poverty level their parents were forced to live in.

God blesses us in so many ways by impacting Christian hearts. We were invited to tell the story of Little Eden Children’s Home to the children at Katy’s First Baptist Church summer VBS. We were blessed to share the story with 5 different groups. Each day the children in attendance contributed money to buy shoes for our boys and girls, during the four days of the school. They collected enough money during the week, to buy our children shoes for school and church, which amazed our children at Little Eden. They could not believe their good fortune and the generosity of the children in Katy, Texas. There was also additional money contributed to our Education Fund. The love shown by these young children at KFBC was so heartwarming. They approached us after each of our presentations and shared their hearts to help our boys and girls, as God’s servants. If you are also led to assist in this endeavor, we have an Education Fund Savings Account set up to cover the expense of future students. Just mark your contribution as EDUCATION FUND. You will bless our children tremendously with your support.

We pray that you have been blessed with all that we have shared, that has been & is happening at Little Eden. We thank you for your support and encouragement.


Summer 2017 team visitors: Lisa Ward, Thomas Ward, Michelle Singleton Lymus, Ealnora Grey, Tierashia Adair, Luke & Crystal Henke, Sarah Toth, Eric Kulbeck, Josh Kulbeck, Kim Knight & Conner Knight

Thank you team for a great summer trip!  --  Mike & Sylvia

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